Sierra Club Endorses Joe Biden for President

Sierra Club Endorses President Biden

WASHINGTON, DC -- Today, after consulting with more than 50 chapters and groups, and with the advice and consent of our national board, the Sierra Club has decided to endorse President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris for another term in office.

Four leading environmental and climate organizations -- the  Sierra Club, League of Conservation Voters (LCV) Action Fund, NextGen PAC, and NRDC Action Fund -- endorsed President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris for reelection. This is the first time the four groups have ever jointly announced a presidential endorsement. 

President Biden accepted the endorsements in-person at LCV’s 2023 Capital Dinner joined by representatives of each organization. The Biden-Harris administration has done far more to address the climate crisis and environmental injustice than any administration in our nation’s history. 

“President Biden has acted courageously during a critical inflection point in the climate fight,” said Ben Jealous, National Executive Director of the Sierra Club. “No other administration has done more to move us forward. The stakes could not be higher and the choice could not be more clear. We need President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris back in the White House for another four years.” 

Starting on day one in the White House, President Biden quickly shifted our country away from the destructive climate-denialism of the Trump era, pursuing an ambitious plan that mobilized all of the government to tackle the climate crisis. America swiftly rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement and our federal agencies went back to work enforcing key climate and environmental protections.

While we are enthusiastic about this endorsement, we will continue to hold this administration accountable when it falls short. Destructive fossil fuel projects like the Willow Project and the Mountain Valley Pipeline must not move forward and any implementation of climate policies must prioritize environmental justice while taking care to avoid creating new sacrifice zones. We can fight these fights while recognizing that a second term is essential to our progress. The alternative of a less habitable planet and future is simply unacceptable. 

Our task for 2024 is clear. We must do everything we can to reelect President Biden and Vice President Harris. 

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