Local power-building is a winning strategy

My name is Susana Reyes, and I'm the National Volunteer Co-Lead for the Sierra Club's Political Team. I’m here because I’m passionate about policy making, politics, and building power. 

I came here as an immigrant from a country whose citizens experience marginalization and injustice while bearing the brunt of climate change impacts. I witnessed first hand decades of politics which have fostered nepotism and the favoring of fossil fuel interests.

My passion leads me to this collective vision and action to take part in and shape the decisions that affect our lives. That's why I'm excited to invite you to the next peer to peer phone bank, where you can help build the power we need to elect climate and justice champions this year. 

Combating the climate crisis requires collective planning, strategies, and action. We are powerful together when we collaborate based on just relationships of mutual trust, respect, and solidarity.

Our political program is deeply connected to achieving Sierra Club’s goals. These goals include:

  • Protecting 30 percent of US lands and water, 
  • Cutting the nature equity gap in half,
  • Restoring access to clean air and water, provide affordable clean energy, support family sustaining jobs, and address inequities in our response to climate disruptions, 
  • Transforming our energy system by stopping the expansion of the oil and gas industry, replacing fossil fuels with clean energy, and shifting trillions of public and private dollars from the fossil fuel economy, 
  • Building power by diversifying and expanding our base of millions of members and supporters.

Political power backed by people power are essential components of the big goals Sierra Club Independent Action is reaching for -- all with you by our side. 

Take action today!