Each election year, we dig deep and going local in key states where our amazing volunteers can make an impact and elect the climate and justice champions we need.

We will focus our efforts in communities acutely impacted by climate change -- and we won’t stop talking with them on Election Day. We are building long term power to create flourishing communities and a thriving planet. The volunteers and voters we engage today will join our existing chapter and national volunteer infrastructure and become the leaders who help pass bold climate legislation tomorrow.

Together, we must ensure that every level of government, from school boards to the White House, is led by climate and justice champions who will stop the destruction of our natural resources, and prioritize investments in the low-income and BIPOC communities who bear the unequal burdens of climate change.



The country needs our Sierra Club community—our brilliant legal teams, our tireless grassroots organizers, our anti-racist principles—more than ever. Please, say you’re with us by making a donation today.