Sierra Club Independent Action

Big oil, gas, and coal companies have been flooding our political system with millions and millions of dollars, drowning out the voices of middle-class families and pushing the dirty energy agenda ahead of the needs of everyone else. Already this election, more than $150 million has been spent promoting dirty energy while millions more in big polluter campaign cash has been pumped to the politicians who have shown they are more than willing to put the demands of their big oil and coal campaign donors before the health and safety of American families.

The results are devastating. This toxic money has led to toxic votes that endanger our children’s future. Time after time in Washington, too many elected officials have proven they are willing to sacrifice our air, our water, and the health of our families just to pad the massive profit margins of their big polluting benefactors. Check out these six examples of toxic candidates to learn more about how Americans are being sold out while big polluters are buying in.