Sierra Club Independent Action
• Took More than $455,000 from Oil and Gas Companies – and said
  “If I could get more, I would take more”

    • Voted More than Half A Dozen Times to Protect Billions in Tax Subsidies To Big Oil
    • Let Big Polluters Off the Hook for Polluting Our Air and Water
    • Attacked the Biggest Investment In American Clean Energy Jobs In History


Putting Big Oil's Billions First

Big Oil billionaires love Congressman Dan Lungren so much they even throw him parties, like when Koch Industries hosted a $1,000-per-person fundraiser on his behalf. And Lungren loves them right back, saying of big oil’s money that “If I could get more, I would take more.”

It’s no surprise big polluters would go out of their way to toast Lungren – he's been standing by their side vote after vote. Big oil bigwigs like Chevron, ExxonMobil, and the Koch Brothers have given Lungren more than $455,000 over the years because Lungren isn't just taking their lead - he's taking pages right out of their playbook.

While gas prices have been rising, Lungren's been making sure the oil companies making record profits keep getting billions in tax giveaways every year. Lungren's voted to keep tax breaks for oil companies more than half a dozen times.

If California's middle-class families had that kind of money, maybe Dan Lungren would stand on their side. But instead, he's stood in the way.

Toxic Money, Toxic Votes

Throughout his long political career, Dan Lungren's made it clear that $450,000 in campaign cash from Big Oil and Gas companies is enough for him to put big polluters before California kids. After all, his voting record looks like a big-polluter wish-list

Lungren’s voted to gut the protections that keep toxins away from California kids and fought against clean, renewable energy initiatives that created California jobs. Time and time again, he said we should let big polluters pump more toxins into the air we breathe. He voted to let Big Oil off the hook for polluting drinking water across the country and refused to require oil companies to come up with emergency plans in the case of disastrous spills. And he voted to reward Big Oil's record profits with record tax giveways.

Congressman Dan Lungren put a price on the health of our communities and our families – and Big Oil was glad to pay.

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