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• Voted Four Times to Protect Billions in Tax Subsidies for Big Oil – and then denied they exist
    • Took More than $230,000 from Oil and Gas Companies through just one term in Congress
    • Would Let Polluters Pump More Toxins into Our Air And Water – even near schools and hospitals
    • Refused to Require Oil Companies To Make Emergency Plans in the Case of Spills


Music to Big Polluters' Ears -- And Money in Big Oil's Pockets

Congressman Quico Canseco started raking in thousands of dollars in campaign cash from oil and gas companies even before he took office in 2010, and the pipeline of dirty energy donations hasn't stopped since. Big oil billionaires like ExxonMobil, Halliburton, Chevron, and the Koch Brothers have all helped pump more than $230,000 in toxic cash into Canseco's coffers -- and he's voted to make sure their investments paid off many times over.

Texas families have been getting gouged by prices at the pump while Congressman Canseco's big oil campaign contributors have banked record profits. But, that hasn't stopped Canseco from voting four times in his first two years in Congress to reward his dirty energy donors with billions in special tax giveaways and subsidies. And Canseco's not just voting to protect these unpopular tax handouts -- he's even telling his constituents they don't exist. At a town hall meeting in Del Rio in April, he told Texans that "there is no oil and gas subsidy."

Congressman Quico Canseco has proven that he won't just do anything to pad polluters' pockets at the expense of Texas families – he'll say anything, too.

Toxic Money, Toxic Votes

When Congressman Quico Canseco came to Washington two years ago, he may have given big polluters a key to his office. After all, big oil and gas companies seem to have left their policy wish-list on his desk, and he's been working from it ever since.

In Washington, Canseco's put the agenda of the big polluters who've given him nearly a quarter of a million dollars first, and let Texas families pay the price. Just take a look at his record. He's voted to let big polluters pump more toxins into the air our kids breathe and the water our families drink, even refusing to curb poisonous emissions near schools and hospitals. He turned his back on historic protections to keep toxic mercury pollution away from our kids. He voted to reward Big Oil's record profits with record tax giveways and he even refused to require oil companies to make emergency plans in the case of disastrous spills.

It's a sure bet – Quico Canseco will vote to put the agenda of his big oil campaign donors before the health and safety of Texas families every time. You can put money on it -- big polluters sure did.

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